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Thank you for using Venaj Services and Products (“Services”). These Terms and Conditions describe the relationship between Venaj Corporation and  that provides Venaj’s services in connection with the use of various Venaj services, and Venaj service members  or non-members who use them. It contains useful information that can help you.

If you use VENAJ service or register as a VENAJ service member, you will be able to confirm or agree to these terms and related operating policies, so please take a moment to review them  and read carefully.

Enjoy various Venaj services.

VENAJ offers various services that can make your life more convenient, such as searching for information, communicating with other users, providing contents, shopping for products, etc. through VENAJ domain websites and applications (applications, apps), including www.venaj.com . Offering. You can freely use various Venaj services through various internet-enabled terminals such as PCs and mobile phones.For details of individual services, refer to the information, notices, and Venaj Contact/help Web Customer Center (hereinafter referred to as ‘Customer Center’). You can find it easily in the help, etc.

Venaj basically provides the same service to all of you. However, the use of some services, such as varying the contents, time of use, number of times of use, etc. of services provided by the users based on their age or a certain grade, may be required by relevant laws such as the Youth Protection Act or other special services. You may limit. For more information, you can also check the service guide, announcements, and help center help.

Although these Terms are basically applied to VENAJ Service, there are cases where VENAJ applies other terms and conditions, operation policies, etc. in addition to these Terms . In addition, specific services provided by Venaj affiliates (Coming soon ) may be subject to unique terms and conditions set by the operating company. Please check this information on the initial screen of each service.

If you sign up as a member, you can use Venaj service more conveniently.

You can apply for membership after reading and agreeing to these terms, and Venaj will accept this agreement to complete the membership registration process and give you a VENAJ Service Use Account (“Account”). An account is a member identification unit that is set up to manage the history of various service usage by members after logging in to VENAJ service.

Members can use a variety of VENAJ services more conveniently through their accounts. For more information, please refer to the account operation policy and how to register as a VENAJ member in the customer center.

Venaj also provides group membership accounts so that members of a group can use VENAJ services together under a common account. Group members share a single account and ID, but enter their respective passwords to log in to the account and use various services. Group members consist of managers and members, who are delegated by all members to represent group members and operate group member accounts. Therefore, the administrator can agree to the separate agreement or amendment of the existing agreement through the group member account and withdraw from the group member, and manage the use of VENAJ service such as how members log in to the group member account and posts through it (including deleting posts). can. In principle, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions apply to all members, and each member is jointly responsible for the use of the service through other members’ group membership accounts and IDs.

Please refer to the account management policy  in  customer Center for details on the authority and (joint) responsibilities of managers and members.

We will take care of the content you provide.

Venaj hopes that your posts will be delivered to other users through Venaj’s service to enrich our lives. A post is a piece of content itself or a file made up of symbols, text, voice, sound, pictures, photos, videos, links, etc. posted on the VENAJ service for the purpose of viewing to others or yourself altogether 

Here in Venaj, we promises to protect the content of your thoughts and feelings. Of course, you have the right to intellectual property rights, etc., for your posts.

On the other hand, in order to legally provide the posts you posted through the Venaj service, the right to use, save, duplicate, modify, publicly transmit, exhibit, distribute, and create secondary works (but only for translation) And no regional restrictions, and a license without payment) is required. Posting gives you such rights to Venaj, so you must have the necessary rights.

Venaj will comply with legal obligations such as exposure in Venaj service, utilization for service promotion, research for service operation, improvement and development of new service, web accessibility, and external control, according to the related laws such as copyright law. We will only do so in a limited way to allow search, collection and linking on our site. If you inevitably want to use your content for other purposes, we will explain it to you in advance and obtain your consent.

In addition, valuable content provided by you can be used by VENAJ and VENAJ affiliates for research and development purposes such as artificial intelligence technology to improve VENAJ service and provide new VENAJ service. Venaj will do our best to provide you with more convenient and useful services through continuous research and development.

Venaj is committed to providing you with a variety of means to make it easier for you to manage the use or access of Venaj or other users to the content you provide. You can control the use or access of others directly through the management function, such as content deletion and non-disclosure, in the Venaj service, and you can request actions such as deletion, non-disclosure and exclusion of search results through the Customer Center. There is. However, some VENAJ services may be difficult to delete, private, etc. Please check the information on each service, notices, help center help, etc.

Your privacy is important.

Venaj collects and uses personal information only within the purpose and scope agreed by the members for smooth service provision, and manages it safely in accordance with the laws related to personal information protection. Venaj‘s efforts and other details for safe handling of personal information related to users and members can be found in the Privacy Policy .

Venaj may destroy or segregate your information if you have not logged in or logged in for a period of time and have notified you in advance by email, in-service notification or other appropriate electronic means. If this results in a lack of information necessary to provide the service, it may be necessary to terminate the relevant service agreement.

Respect the rights of others.

Posts you inadvertently post may infringe someone else’s copyright or your rights, including defamation. To solve this problem, Venaj suspends the posting at the request of the infringement claim based on the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Information Protection, and the Copyright Act, etc., and resumes the posting according to the original publisher’s objection. We operate a posting stop request service that includes content. For more details and procedures, please refer to the introduction of the request to stop posting in the customer center.

On the other hand, the use of others’ content through the VENAJ service does not mean that you have the intellectual property rights for the content. In order to use the contents freely, special care must be taken because the usage is within the limits allowed by relevant laws such as copyright law or requires a separate permission from the intellectual property owner of the contents.

VENAJ grants you the right to use related software accompanying Venaj service so that you can use Venaj service freely. In this case, please note that your free use is only allowed within the terms and conditions of Venaj, and such rights are non-transferable and non-exclusive terms and legal notices apply.

Take advantage of the various points provided by Venaj.

Venaj is  giving you points to use VENAJ service efficiently. Points are virtual data on a service with a certain unit of calculation that VENAJ arbitrarily sets or adjusts in connection with your use of your Venaj service. Points cannot be refunded or converted to money because they have no property value, but depending on the number of points you use may affect your use of the VENAJ service.

VENAJ may advise you in advance if necessary to support the efficient use of Venaj services or to improve the operation of the service, and may adjust some or all of the points. In addition, points may expire periodically according to the period set by VENAJ, so please be careful when using the VENAJ service.

There are some caveats regarding the use of VENAJ service.

Venaj is committed to providing you with free and convenient access to Venaj services. However, we need your help and cooperation to help you use Venaj services more safely and to respect and protect your rights and the rights of others in Venaj services. In order to protect your use of services and your rights, you may be restricted from posting or using Venaj’s services.

  • When registering, you should not misrepresent your name, date of birth, or mobile phone number. Please keep the information in your account as accurate as possible. You may not sell, transfer, lend or mortgage your account or allow others to use it. In addition, do not use someone else’s account without your own. Please refer to the account operation policy for more details.
  • Posts that pose direct and obvious physical threats to others, posts that encourage or encourage self-harm or commit suicide of others, posts that reveal private personal information such as personal information, privacy, etc. Posts of bullying or harassment, suggestion of prostitution, posting of inducement, inducement or coercion, or posting of direct and serious threats to public safety may be restricted.
  • Promote posts that have a direct risk of criminal conduct, such as conducting, teaching or assisting criminal conduct prohibited or subject to criminal punishment, or promoting goods or services that are prohibited from promoting, advertising, or selling in related laws, Advertisements, posts on sale, posts that infringe on the intellectual property rights of others, or infringe on the rights of others, such as insults, invasion of privacy or defamation, may be restricted.
  • Posts that may cause sexual shame or distorted sexual consciousness to others, such as depicting provocative or explicit sexual acts, posts that are violent or provocative that may cause cruelty or disgust to others, Posts that repeatedly deceive others, such as impersonating a chair or alleging false facts, excessive abusive language, or profanity, can be restricted.
  • Posts posted using abnormal Venaj service functions, such as using automated means, or posts that do not correspond to the purpose of each individual service, cause inconvenience to other users’ normal use of Venaj service. May also be limited, as it interferes with the availability of services. For details on other restricted posts, please refer to the Post Operation Policy , Terms and Conditions of each individual service, etc.
  • Attempt to sign up as a member of VENAJ service, or try to log in to VENAJ service, or log on to VENAJ service using automated means (e.g., macro program, robot (bot), spider, scraper, etc.) without prior permission of VENAJ. Posts on the web, communicate through Venaj services (e.g. e-mails, messages, etc.), collect member IDs, posts, etc. posted on the Venaj service, or search for specific queries in the Venaj search service. Or use the Venaj service in a manner inconsistent with the purpose of providing the VENAJ service on the premise of the actual use of the user (person) by selecting a specific search result from the search result (so-called ‘click’). Any attempt to neutralize Venaj’s technical measures to prevent abuse Do not try to do anything (e.g., constantly changing your IP, bypassing or disabling Captcha through external solutions, etc.).
  • Do not insert various contents or files including code, text, voice, sound, picture, picture, video, link, etc. in the area where advertisement is displayed or other area on the VENAJ service by automated means without consent of VENAJ. It’s possible. In addition, you may not copy or modify the VENAJ Service or the software contained therein, and you may not sell, transfer, lease or provide it as collateral or permit others to use it. Reverse engineering, attempting to extract source code, copying, disassembling, copying, or otherwise modifying the software contained in the VENAJ Service is prohibited (but subject to its own terms, if applicable to open source). In addition, uploading viruses or other malicious code or using the service function abnormally to prevent the smooth operation of the VENAJ service is prohibited.

Venaj supports you to use the service in a stable and smooth manner by posting the post-operation policy, terms and conditions of each individual service, instructions on each service, announcements, and customer center help within the scope of this agreement. . Each detailed policy contains more specific notes for your reference, so please check this through the body of this agreement and the link on the configuration page.

If the use of the service is inevitable, we will follow reasonable procedures.

Venaj promises to treat your content with a variety of information and opinions, but if the postings you violate, etc. You can make it private, delete it, or opt out. This does not mean that Venaj is obliged to review all content.

In addition, if you do not comply with the relevant laws, this agreement, account and post operation policy, terms and conditions of each individual service, operation policy, etc., Venaj can check the contents of your related actions and according to the result of the check, You can ask for the use of the service, or restrict the use of the service, such as stopping all or part of the service, temporarily or permanently. On the other hand, in the event that it is difficult to expect the full maintenance of the VENAJ Service Agreement despite the use restrictions, you may terminate the Agreement with you.

If it is necessary to restrict your use of the service, we will abide by the above-mentioned phase-out principle, except in cases where an immediate violation of laws or violation of the rights of others requires urgent risk or damage. If you inevitably suspend the use of the service immediately due to obvious violation of laws and regulations, please note that all points and other benefits acquired through the use of the service will be destroyed and not compensated separately. Please refer to the account operation policy and the operation policy of each individual service for the conditions and details of service use restrictions.

VENAJ is responsible for VENAJ’s fault.

Venaj will reimburse you for any damages caused by Venaj’s intentional or negligence in using Venaj’s services. However, VENAJ will not be held liable for any damage caused by Venaj’s inability to provide the service due to natural disasters or force majeure, or due to user’s intention or negligence.

In addition, even if Venaj is liable for damages, special or indirect damages or other punitive damages due to unforeseeable or special circumstances will not be held liable unless otherwise specified in the relevant laws and regulations.

On the other hand, Venaj is also specially responsible for damages incurred in the exchange of opinions, transactions, etc. between you and other members through the VENAJ service, or between you and non-members, or by trusting content such as posts of others posted on the service. You are not responsible for this unless

You can terminate your VENAJ service agreement at any time.

It is a pity for Venaj, but members can withdraw from the membership at any time by canceling the Venaj service use contract.In this case, Venaj will handle this without delay as required by relevant laws and regulations.

Upon termination of the VENAJ Service Agreement, all Member’s data, including any postings attached to the Member’s Account, will be destroyed except when VENAJ may retain the Member’s information in accordance with applicable laws and privacy policies. You will not be able to recover at the same time. However, even in this case, posts such as comments posted by other members or scraped, and comments posted on public bulletin boards will not be deleted.

Some VENAJ services include advertising.

When you use various Venaj services, sometimes individual services include advertisements. You are responsible for the data communication charges incurred by using the Venaj service in accordance with the contract with the carrier you subscribed to, and you also bear the additional costs incurred due to the included advertisements.

In order to use your desired VENAJ service, you may need to see unwanted advertisements. This contributes to providing various free VENAJ services to you in principle, and it is also a foundation for Venaj to invest in research and development to provide better services. Recently, some third-party services emphasize the use of ad-free services, and this is supported by the practice of providing the main service for a fee.

Venaj will always consider and improve how you can minimize the inconvenience and burden.

We will let you know if there is a service outage or change.

Venaj is doing its best to provide stable service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.However, if there are significant reasons for operation such as maintenance, replacement or failure of information and communication facilities such as computers and servers, Or you can stop some.

Meanwhile, Venaj may modify, change or terminate all or part of the service if there is a significant need for service operation or improvement. If you modify, change, or terminate all or part of the free service, we will not compensate you unless otherwise specified in the relevant laws.

In this case, Venaj will guide you before the considerable time if it is predictable. If it is unpredictable, we will explain and guide you in detail without delay. We will also provide a reasonable and sufficient opportunity to back up your own content in the event of a service outage.

We will guide you through the main points and listen to your valuable opinions.

Venaj will endeavor to provide timely guidance on the main points necessary to use the service. We will notify you individually by e-mail, in-service notification, or other appropriate electronic means if you notify us, but if you require notification to all members, please visit our website, including www.venaj.com , for more than 7 days. And applications (applications, apps) will be posted on the initial screen or announcements.

Venaj will listen to your valuable opinions. You can always provide feedback or improvements related to the use of the service through the Customer Center, and Venaj will provide you with the possible processes and results within the reasonable range.

We post the terms and operation policy to make it easier for you to know and revise after notice.

Venaj has posted the contents of this agreement on the initial screen of the service for you to check easily.

Venaj may revise these Terms, Accounts, and Posting Policy from time to time, but will revise them without violating the relevant laws and regulations, and will inform the reason of the revision and the date of application in the service in advance. In addition, in the event of material changes to the terms that may be offensive to you, we will notify you at least 30 days prior to the service and will notify you individually via a separate electronic means (email, in-service notification, etc.).

VENAJ welcomes your comments regarding the changes to these Terms from the date of posting them to the effective date. If your comments are not received by VENAJ after the above period, you agree to use the Services in accordance with the modified terms. Unfortunately for VENAJ, if you do not agree to the changed terms, you may no longer be able to provide those services under the changed terms.

Although these Terms are basically applied to VENAJ Service, there are times when additional terms and operation policies are additionally applied to reflect the unique characteristics of each individual service. Therefore, in the separate terms and conditions of operation, if the terms and conditions of account and post operation are different from those provided for the provision of individual services, the separate terms and conditions of operation shall take precedence. Please check this information on the initial screen of each individual service.

Terms With The Law

These Terms are in English. The laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria apply to your relationship with Venaj in relation to these Terms and Conditions or Venaj Service. In the event of a dispute between you and Venaj in connection with these Terms or the Venaj Service, the processing of such dispute shall follow the procedure set forth in the Civil Procedure Act of the Republic of Nigeria.

Terms Conclusion

Venaj has made its effort to provide the terms of it service to all of its users on the site and affiliation( If any) understandable in writing in language used by many. So will take in using the site, you agree to abide by thee terms as Venaj will also make it effort in providing all of it service accessible to all of it users.