Movie World With Top 4 strongest Super Heroes


wonderwoman claims the title as #5 strongest hero, because of her abilities and stats both physically and in combat mode. Even as a daughter of a god most of the toughest hero can’t stand her agility and skills being a warrior.


Aquaman is an irresistible force unknown. He claims the title as #3 strongest hero. Yes! Indeed Aquaman is stronger than Thor and wonderwoman, his immunity to almost anything and stats in combat mode made him to be #3. When it comes to combat he is extremely good at it.


Superman as we all know is like the almighty alien. He claims the #2 strongest hero. His abilities and stats immensely made him the most strongest hero.


Sentry is #1 strongest hero. We probably won’t have heard much about him though, but he is 10 times stronger than Superman. Unlike Superman, sentry is immune to every thing, including explosion havoc. He is ranked as number strongest hero

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