List of 9 Apps You Need As A Student

As a student you must have apps that will be helpful in your studies.

The are as follows

1, Evernote: Evernote allows you to write notes, make checklists, organise articles, docs, photos and share all of this with your friends you wish to share them with. You can manage the free version but there is alot more reserved for the premium version.

2, Oxford dictionary: while talking about English, oxford dictionary is of the best dictionary ever every student should have.

3, Photomaths: This is a very awesome app, it is very good/useful in cross checking your maths assignment. You can get accurate and correct answer to all maths problem through just snapping them.

4, Simple minds: SimpleMind is a simple mind mapping app that lets you co-ordinate your mind maps between your computer and your smart device. The most interesting part is that the app is very easy to use.

5, Smiling mind: It is a very recommendable online app when it comes to the aspect of meditation. Every student needs to meditate before reading and this app can help you do it right.

6, Forest: Forest is a fresh and beautifully designed app. What does it do? Each time you sit down to study, you can plant a little tree in the Forest app to keep you from playing with your phone. The tree takes 30 minutes to grow, and if you try to exit the app (to use your phone) before the 30 minutes is over, your cute little tree will die! It is free for Android bt unfortunately it is $1.99 for IOS.

7, Cram: Cram is an easy-to-use flashcard app that will help you study for your exams. You can download flashcard sets from the website, or create your own. You can download the app, you can also visit there site to use it.

8, Real Calc Scientific Calculator: Are you a mathematics, engineering, or science student? Now you never have to worry about leaving your scientific calculator at home again.

9, ANY.DO: Any.Do allows you to organise your tasks, create to-do lists, and keep your calendar synchronised across all your devices. This app is great for students who need to balance the responsibilities of work, family, and studies.

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